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Popular Articles on Just2clik in 2014

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Hi Everyone !

First of all thank you for being a continue reader of my blog and i wish to welcome you to the New year 2015 with lot of Joy,Health and Wealth. I have made best possible to give you useful information in this year and hope you had enjoyed learning interesting as well useful technical tips/tricks. And as i also learning with you, i would love to share with you more and more interesting tips/tricks on upcoming days.

Well, Here i have listed few more popular articles which readers enjoyed lot and found useful in 2014. This list will makes you too just glance once more and let me know what you are expecting in upcoming days.

Here is the List goes : 
Window7 is one of most popular operating system developed by Microsoft, we love it because of its user interface(UI). Basically window7 is intended for upgrade to the operating system and many people are using window7's free version in which people are allowed to access very few features of windows and it is limited to 30 days only. After completion of this period you'll be prompted to activate genuine version! for this you need to pay money !.....
Well, Coming back to the Whatsapp ! we have already discussed few interesting things about Whatsapp earlier, know here i again came up with one more interesting trick which rocks your mind..
Well, friends again here I’m going to give you few more tricks/tips about Facebook. As we have discussed earlier “how to disable Facebook in your personal computer”, following are few interesting tips just for your knowledge upgrade. Now without wasting time let me start one by one...
Adsense is one of the greatest way for bloggers to turn their blogging effort into money. Hope all of you have got approved by google adsense, if not then i suggest you to please apply for adsense ! their are many plenty of factors  are available over the internet about adsense earnings and as i have gone through those i came accross few great  article written by the blogger about adsense functionality and its reality...
Windows 7 can possibly be ranked as the best OS so far because of its simplicity and user friendliness. However, if you're using Windows 7, there may be a LOT about it which you wouldn't be knowing. Read along and APPLY what you like...
Now a days all platforms are getting hacked including android. The number of android hackers and hacks are increasing day by day.The security of android is getting vulnerable to a great extent. But the fact is that it is not because of the OS, but due to user’s carelessness. So, if you want to be secured you've to take certain steps.
And finally the Tutorials of Just2clik, Where you'll find all the articles with category Click here for more Tutorials | Just2clik

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Saturday, December 6

Most Popular Scams on Facebook, You should Know !

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Like Scams -- Where you “like” the page only to find nothing present on it. Scammers profit from traffic.

Survey Scams -- You fill surveys and scammers again profit.

Fake Applications Scam -- Allow rogue applications to steal your personal data.

New scams surface almost daily and sweep across thousands of profiles on Facebook.

Here are 3 most popular scams you should beware:
Like Scams:
Here, the scammers set up a website promising a provocative story, like “LOL This girl gets OWNED after a POLICE OFFICER reads her STATUS MESSAGE.” Then they trick thousands of users and their friends into “liking” the page, which really has nothing. Scammers profit from the traffic .

Survey Scams:
Similar to like scam, a super-juicy news story is promised like “OMG! Look what this kid did to his school after being expelled!”. You have to “like” the page and fill out a quick survey before reading the story. Know what! You just gave scammers a commission for filling out the survey, and helped the scam spread by sending it to all your friends.

Fake Applications Scam:
Some third-party rogue applications steal your data when you allow them to access your profile. Some other applications like “Want to see who viewed your profile?” scam you through surveys. One can never really know who viewed your profile! But that hasn’t stopped scammers from creating fake applications that pretend to let you see who’s checking you out on Facebook. Instead, the applications just send you to a survey, and automatically broadcasts a link to all your friends. Scammers profit again.

So next time you see such things on Facebook, don’t ever click them!

Sunday, November 30

How To Be Secure From Phishing Attack!

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But there are still 5 simple ways to catch a phishing attempt before it catches you. Specifically:

Don't click. If your bank or credit card company sends a warning message saying that your account has been compromised and you need to click through an emailed link to "verify your account information," don't. Banks and credit card companies don't communicate that way. Neither does the IRS. If there's a problem with a bank or credit card account, they'll call you. If the tax authorities want to contact you, they do it by U.S. mail.

Go direct. If you get one of these emails and are worried that there may be a real problem with your account, open up a new browser window, go directly to your bank site and sign in there. Chances are, you'll see something along the lines of: "(Your bank) DOES NOT send emails instructing you to click on a link to enter your personal information." When you sign on without trouble and there's no other message from your bank saying that your account is compromised, you know that it's not. Delete the email that caused you to worry, but remember it -- and the fact that it was a scam -- for next time.

Don't try to "win" anything. Phishing is done with more than emails. Contests are big: "Win a free iPad!" or "Get a $500 Target Gift Card!" The come-ons are all over the web. All you have to do supposedly to get this awesome swag is click on a link that is likely to take you to a toxic site. Increasingly, these toxic sites embed a virus into your computer that allows the crook to capture your every keystroke. That means it gets all your passwords and user IDs for your bank and brokerage accounts. You know you're really not going to get something for nothing, right? So don't pretend you will. When you see the word "free," think "danger." Don't go there.

Don't panic. The other brilliant scam that can pull you into the vortex of a toxic site is the pop-up warning: "Your computer has been compromised! Click here to download a security fix!" When you click, you open the gates of your computer to all sorts of nasty viruses. If you don't panic, you won't click and you won't regret it later.

Get security. If you don't have security software on your computer, now is the time to invest in it. Good services like Norton AntiVirus or McAfee will set you back between $30 and $100 a year. If you compare that to the $4,500 you could lose in a phishing attack, it's a bargain.

Monday, November 24

How To Secure Your Android Phone From Getting Hacked

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Now a days all platforms are getting hacked including android. The number of android hackers and hacks are increasing day by day.The security of android is getting vulnerable to a great extent. But the fact is that it is not because of the OS, but due to user’s carelessness. So, if you want to be secured you've to take certain steps.

Follow these easy tips and you could easily beat the hackers!1. Use Security Apps
Just like we use anti virus software's for our pc’s, there are also antivirus programs available for android phones.So using such a software will help you to protect your personal details like private passwords, account details, credit card details etc. Some of the popular android anti virus software include Risk detector, look out mobile security, ESET mobile security, kaspersky security.

2. Beware while downloading Apps

There are a large number of apps availability in the Android market for Android phones. Apps play a crucial role in attracting customers and shift to android OS.Because of the same reason hackers also make use of the app section for getting personal details of people. So when you’re downloading apps you have to understand where it comes from and who is the provider.Only download from secure places. Never download nulled or cracked versions even though some one provides it for free.

3. Always clear your session

Since most of the people use internet from android phones, they may always unknowingly save some details on-line for easy and frequent use.This increases the chance for intruders to get hold of your personal information. So, if you are really conscious about your security always clear the browsing history cookies and especially all saved data.This definitely is a very good practice to stay away from android phone hacking.

4. Use strong passwords

This is applicable universally and not just for android phones security.Use strong passwords which others can’t guess. This is the first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind before practicing any other security measures.You also need to consider the voice mail part of your phone than others because it is the most vulnerable part of your android phone.

5. Be safe on internet

You have to take a lot of precautions while you’re surfing online using your android phone. Chances for getting hacked are higher when you are surfing online. You might find a lot of free things online to download but always remember that most of the free things provided online are scams, viruses or malware. Even if they are legit they will not be of desired quality. Why should you put personal details at stake and compromise your android phone security for some silly free thing?

These are some very basic tips for securing your android phone from getting hacked. Even if you get hacked or infected, don’t worry as there are luckily a good lot of people out there to help you.You can make use of many android forums and communities for this purpose. I hope the points I shared here are helpful and I would like to get your feedback on this topic.

Sunday, November 16

Tips to Avoid Facebook Viruses and Spam Messages

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Facebook, the biggest social network with 500 million users, provides an interface to hit an unsuspecting crowd with malware and viruses. These viruses aren’t very difficult to detect if you are cautious enough. These Facebook viruses appear on your wall in forms of a bizarre or eye-catching stories and videos and once the user has clicked/liked the link, it is already late. The next step will be getting rid of your Facebook virus which is a time-consuming process. Its better to avoid spam messages and trojan viruses in the first place.

Facebook virus


1. Think before you Act. Viruses on Facebook are sneaky. The hackers and cyber criminals who want your information know that Facebook users will often click on an interesting post without a moment’s thought. If a post sounds a bit over-the-top like a headline out of a tabloid, this is your first warning sign.

2. Try to avoid Links and videos with Catchy words like “funniest ever,” “most hilarious video on Facebook,” or “you’ve got to see this.” Do some keyword research to see if the post in question comes up in a search engine with information about a current virus or trojan.

3. Check the poster of the Suspicious content. If you receive a message from someone you do not know, this is an obvious red flag. Facebook video viruses also tend to pop up in your news feed or on your wall from friends you haven’t talked to in a while. Unfortunately, it’s likely this friend has already fallen victim to the latest virus on Facebook. After clicking on the story themselves, the message was sent out to all of their friends as well.

4 Avoid messages that have been posted by multiple users as the virus spreads among your friends who were not so cautious. If a link with title such as “Sexiest video ever” shows up all over your feed from all kinds of people (perhaps friends you would not expect to make such a post), this is another warning sign. Similar direct messages are a likely variant of the notorious Facebook Koobface virus which has used this approach in the past.

5. Do not fall for the “typical” money-transfer schemes. Chat messages from friends needing funds will usually sound suspicious. Everything can’t be screened before posting, so money transfer scams and hoax applications still find their way on to Facebook. You should also avoid applications that claim to do a full “Error check” or fix security problems related to your profile.

6. Update your anti-virus software frequently. If you do accidentally click on a post before realizing it is a hoax, do not click on any further links or downloads. If it’s too late and you have already been infected, the Facebook virus removal process may be effortless if you have a good anti-virus program to catch the virus, trojan or other malware early on.


These were few important tips to safeguard your Facebook account but your job isn’t done yet. Once you have detected that the link/post on your Facebook wall is Malicious you should Mark it as SPAM so that the Facebook support will stop it from spreading further and infecting other users.

If you have ever fallen victim of any such Malicious Scheme, please share your experience with all the users in form of comments so that others don’t fall victim