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5 Major Differences between SEO and SEM

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The internet is an evolving platform that allows individuals and corporate to present and market themselves. That said, it is also the origin of several new jargons and acronyms that flourish with newly found concepts and practices. SEO and SEM are no exceptions; both these terms are closely related in terms of being associated with the Search Engines, but they do not mean the same. While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) concerns itself with getting websites to rank high on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) serves as a popular means of advertising and marketing on the Internet.
SEO is simply one of the techniques adopted to get the website noticed, which is in fact a part of a larger marketing campaign. Here are five major differences between SEO and SEM that will enable us to appreciate the function and importance of these two techniques:
  • Approach
SEO and SEM differ in their main purpose and therefore differ in the methods adopted to achieve results. SEO strives to improve a websites ranking on the SERP in a bid to get the site noticed by the user who is looking for specific information. SEO is aimed at continuously refining the website in order to get friendly with both the search engine indexing algorithms as well as the user, thereby driving traffic to the site.
SEM on the other hand is aimed purely at marketing and advertising the business represented by the website, and has nothing to do with the rankings or the contents of the website. The main job of this technique is to promote the business, clinch a deal and trigger quick results.
  • Nature
SEO is purely organic in nature in the sense the results are slow, consistent and quite hard to achieve and maintain. SERP rankings are earned purely by the quality and relevancy of content, quality links, keyword-rich tags and optimized website structure and performance that find favor with the search engines.
SEM mostly comprises paid marketing services to get the required impact. Top advertisement positions for researched keywords, paid links and paid inclusions to get entry into directories and search engine listings, traditional ads on reputed sites and pay-per-click campaigns usually form a part of SEM, which also includes SEO.
  • Content
Tons of relevant, unique and keyword-rich content with appropriate titles, tags, links and images is the backbone of SEO. Content that meets search query and offers the visitor the right amount of relevant information not only earns you re-visits and favorable comments, but also a high ranking.
SEM is hardly worried about the content. Lesser the content, just a few fields to capture the details for a subscription or registration and the job is done. All SEM does is to lure the visitor to the website, irrespective of its content or design.
  • Results
Organic processes though time consuming to implement generally offer long-term results and so does SEO. Years of effort only serve to build search engine and user friendly content, that simply tends to improve or maintain rankings with time as more content gets added regularly.
SEM is a short-term marketing technique just to boost traffic or get attention when some new concept needs to get marketed. Often new websites resort to SEM to first get noticed, as they will not be able to compete with the veterans for a top rank on the SERP. Once they capture the initial attention, they can start building content, but basic content is a must to even start the marketing exercise to impress your visitors.
  • Budget
SEO is quite cost-effective in the long run, while SEM is certainly costlier, especially when bidding for top display positions for your ad, that too for competitive keywords. It may even take some time to experiment with the technique to achieve the required results, adding to the costs before monetizing the effort.
Both these techniques are unique and are required for any business to thrive successfully in the virtual market space.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology, health and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Old school new body  attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Lose Weight in a Week.

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Scientific Calculator For Free Download

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Everyone knows about calculators and its usage ! requirement of calculator differs from person to person depending upon his/her activity/field of work. Some simple calculator just for calculating simple mathematics costs very less may be 50 - 100 rupees, but for those who are dealing or working with higher end of mathematics say technical people ! they need to have some special calculators for analysis.

Yes, This such calculator we call it as Scientific Calculator ! Every single technical guy knows about it very well and even he knows the cost of it also. It cost little higher may be 500-1000 rupees. Even scientific calculators are quite bigger and not so easy to carry everywhere.

Considering these simple yet most effective causes, we thought of making virtual Scientific Calculator ! Yes we have done it . It works identical to what we used in real time calculations and embedded with each and every feature which we'll get it in actual calculator.

Download it from here : Scientific Calculator Download

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Thursday, March 19

Digital India - E-Government to E-Governance

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The World is moving towards the mobility every minute and when we take a serve on Digitized countries, there are very less countries i can say which are totally digitized and transparent to their citizens.So here I'm very happy to tell you all that we are already living in partially digitized country in fact only one more level we should develop to make our country completely digitized. Hence today's government taken one of the best step towards digital world to make our country one of digitized country over the globe. To make this project successful, it is the responsibility of every single citizen of India to support in all ways.

Let me tell you brief about #Digital India !

Digital India is the vision of Indian Government to to provide all government services to the citizens of India via electronic media.This was planned in 2006 and formulated by Department of Electronics and Information Technology and Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances.

As we all know, now a days almost all government services are made accessible at your door step via electronic media, like Adhaar, Election commission, Job applications, even recently for students there is a service of providing their all Grade/Marks cards via electronic media using their Adhaar Card. This reflects the efficiency, transparency and reliability of the government service and even makes affordable to every common man.

Now, Coming to my post heading Why I have written E-Government to E-governance ?
Well, both are having same services and hence treated as same, however there is a small difference between these two which i would like to make you clear.

"E-government" is the use of the ICTs (Information and Communication Technology) in public administration - combined with organizational change and new skills - to improve public services and democratic processes and to strengthen support to public.

E-governance is "the use of the technologies that both help governing and have to be governed".
Till know i hope i have made understand about why and how Digital India helps Indian citizens.

Now the major point is how to implement it ? and What are the requirements ?

The core concept of this post is the implementation strategy of Digital India ! Yes, this is more complex process and challenging to Indian government rather every government of each country.

Because when we think about Digital, there comes many requirements where we should think about Hardware/Software, Networking and Management. So if we starts talking about all - point to point then one post is not at all sufficient !

So among these let me talk about Hardware/Software as personally I'm an engineer, i would like to discuss about the part which is familiar to me.

When we talk about Hardware, the key elements comes to every one's mind is Computers right ? so when we think about Computers the very next comes in our mind in Intel ! Who don't know about Intel ?

I know Intel from my childhood ! Intel is well known Brand by every Indian citizen like Parle-G Biscuits!.
As we all know Intel has good Reliability products, good lifetime as well as good service to customers.

Intel Corporation is an American Multinational Corporation, If it is an Indian company then i would suggest government to make it Government Organization because of its service and trust worthy nature. Any how even though it is not a government organization, Intel is know taken a decision to contribute Indian government rather i should say to India !. Its our privilege to have Intel Service to Indian Government.

Now, let me tell you How does this works ? How this Technology can accelerate the vision of Digital India ?

E-Governance main theme is to provide services between Government to Citizen, Government to Employees, and Government to Business.

Government to Citizens - When we talk about relationships between government and citizens, it was really worst in past days ! more time consuming, waste of money even slowest service. Now when we started entering into E-governance ! Things starts changing and every government services becoming reliable and public friendly.

E-governance specially for students, Earlier days students used to spend more time in filling applications and paying fees than going for classes ! know everything became electronic and still becoming sophisticated to make more easier and highly reliable.

People in earlier days used to stand in line to get approvals from government authorities, some people used to spend money to the brokers to make it done. Know this is gradually decreasing hoping to become zero with E-governance.

Government to Employees - Not only for common person even government employees also used to struggle for their official works, like to take approvals from higher authority, file movements for the further process etc. E-governance makes these processes fully electronics and zero time consuming. This ultimately increases the work efficiency of the employees hence results productive results.

Government to Business - This is one of the core part of E-governance ! Yes, for every country commercial part is the major source for over all revenue. And when things starts moving electronically between government and business units, i should say the productivity will increase magically almost 1000 times !. Finally this results substantial growth in our country revenue.

Final points on Digital India
  • Everything will become mobilized and helps in every corner of India. (75% of Indian Citizen had Mobiles).
  • Digital India leads advanced education system for students ultimately results in productive and high reliable generation.  
  • Due to transparency  in government services gives trust and fear free lifestyle to Citizens.
  •  Digital India helps to make advanced security systems as well as safety system hence results drastically decrement in crime rates.
  • As we know Knowledge sharing is caring, Digital India helps better medium for sharing knowledge from everywhere. Hence results talented and more sophisticated citizens.

I'm very much excited to see E-governance service and improvements in our country. If you people are also waiting for the change ! then come and suggest in the comment box about your opinion.

Let's be together and make India #Digital India.

Special thanks to Intel for supporting Indian Government making India to be  Digital India.

Tuesday, March 17

Reliable Antivirus And Android App with Anti-Theft

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Antivirus software was originally developed to detect and remove computer viruses, hence the name. However with proliferation of others kinds of malware antivirus software started to provide protection from others computer threats. In particular, modern antivirus software can protect from: malicious. In android apps there must need to be security because we can save our important data as well as information in our devices so we can need a proper secure device. It also doesn’t hurt that many phones come packaged with antivirus android apps and that many of those apps have other features aside from antivirus protection such as phone finding and phone security benefits and there should a feature that will trace the location of your phone if it will lost so you can also get that benefit.

There are several strategies to enhance mobile application security including
  •     Application white listing
  •     Ensuring transport layer security
  •     Strong authentication and authorization 
  •     Encryption of data when written to memory
  •     Sandboxing of applications
  •     Granting application access on a per-API level
  •     Processes tied to a user ID
  •     Predefined interactions between the mobile application and the OS 
  •     Requiring user input for privileged/elevated access 
  •     Proper session handling.
The proportion of mobile devices providing open platform functionality is expected to continue to increase in future. The openness of these platforms offers significant opportunities to all parts of the mobile eco-system by delivering the ability for flexible program and service delivery options that may be installed, removed or refreshed multiple times in line with the user’s needs and requirements. However, with openness comes responsibility and unrestricted access to mobile resources and APIs by applications of unknown or untrusted origin could result in damage to the user, the device, the network.

There are some anti theft and android apps are as follows:


The anti-theft capability of Avast is hard to match and gives you the wherewithal to remote control your phone. The underlying purpose of this feature is to help you locate your phone easily if you happen to lose it. In addition to that, you can also lock your phone, lock the SIM card and make it inaccessible via the USB connection.


This is a security application it can be introduced by renowned android app development company proves all round services and security. It offers the wide range of features and it doesn’t has adds and it fully secure your phone and it will also remove the clutter left of uninstall apps and it will also increase the accuracy and speed of your mobile device.


The Bit-defender products feature anti-virus and anti-spyware, improved Detection, personal firewall, vulnerability scanner, privacy control, user control, and backup for corporate and home users. PC Tune up and Performance Optimizer are available in the Total Security Suite. In the 2014 version, it had a wallet option to save passwords, a lighter scan and computer performance and it include the antivirus range for home as well as business. 


CM Security is a newer Android antivirus app that’s hit the market and so far it’s wildly popular and very highly rated. The app brings antivirus, anti-malware, and find-my-phone functionality in a totally free package that people seem to really enjoy. It has a lot of features and they’re generally ones you’d have to pay for in other apps.


DU speed booster is an android app that was allowed to update them at any time and query their in-the-cloud services. It focused on malware detection and usability, including performance and false positives. Products had to demonstrate their capabilities using all components and protection layers and provide the high efficiency of device and have the ability to boost the service with high speed frequency. 



Quick heal is a security app it will protect your system as well as phone. It will update the system them app that was allowed to update them at any time and query their in-the-cloud services. It focused on malware detection and usability and also increases the rate of optimization and also protects as well as increase the speed of service.

Author : Joseph Paruta is an Senior Content Editor And Apps Marketing consultant, He also Helps to buy app reviews and promotion services. He provides information on latest android Updates.

Moto E 2nd GEN - Start Your Smartphone Journey

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When we start talking about smartphones, first we'll think about Android ! right ? then comes RAM,ROM,Camera and Display Specifications. But when we buy our first smartphone, then the major point here we should consider is about brand ! well, there are many trusted brands in the market we are seeing know a days right ? so many people get confusion to select  good one.

Now the point is which is the good one ? i mean trust worthy brand !

You have seen many times or heard from your friends that at present only few mobile manufacturers are giving good service to their customers and even in today's competition very less smartphones are coming with high reliability and having less cons. Due to this one should carefully select the smartphones by trust worthy manufacturers.

So know, if you are the one who is going for first time smartphone user then i would like to suggest you to go with Moto ! Yes even it has few cons but i can say this is one of the best and trust worthy brand in the current market. It gives good products, low cost with high reliability which means what they say that they'll give like transparent to the customers. Moto provides best service to their customer as well, in their last Moto E 1st Gen, one of my friend unluckily got defect peace, maybe it caused while shipping but he contacted to the Moto Care immediately and he got new peace within 3 days ! This reflects the trust on manufacturers right ?.

I can understand the feelings when we go for first time to buy smartphone, we expect more from the phone which no one can imagine except you. So I'm sure you'll be fully satisfied with this phone like your dream smartphone, design of this phone is amazing. Want to have a look at it ?  Click here

Till know we have concluded with brand, know at present which is the best mobile they are selling in the market is the big question !

Well, recently Moto launched many smartphones to the market at low cost with high configurations, but at this movement one more best mobile they have launched in the market. Such device i have never seen in the market earlier days ! yes, if you don't believe then just do research with branded one, no one has given such an incredible Smartphone with low cost to the customers.

And that is MOTO-E 2nd Gen ! i bet you people love this mobile by its features, look and cost. so let me tell you in brief about this phone.

Brand                    Motorola.
Model                   MOTO-E 2nd Gen.
Memory               1GB RAM & 8GB ROM Storage Capacity of 32 GB.
Display                 4.5-inch TFT LCD Touchscreen.
Processor             1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor.
OS                        Android v5.0 (Lollipop) OS.
Camera                Back-5MP & Front 0.3MP, Digital Zoom - 4x.
Graphics              Adreno 302, 400 MHz Speed.
SAR Value          At the Head - 1.00 W/Kg, At the Body - 1.02 W/Kg.
Size                      66.8x129.9x12.3 mm.

Price    -  6,999/-  Why are you waiting for - Click to Start with Moto E 2nd Gen

Note -
  •  One more important thing we should consider here is about SAR Value of the Mobile, SAR mean     Static Absorption Rate for human body, this is one of the major parameter that we should be aware of it, higher the SAR Value affects more to our body. according to the Indian standard maximum SAR limit is 1.6 w/Kg. Higher value of SAR may cause Cancer ! 
  • Compare to almost all other brands Moto gives very less SAR Mobiles to the Customer.
If you have any questions then let me know in the comment box. 

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