Monday, July 11

How Do I Stop Internet Ads

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Today, you will find tons of different applications developed specifically for blocking, preventing and stopping pop-up, pop-under and the various other annoying advertisements we have to contend with on the internet. In this article, I intend to talk about the different internet browsers and the measures they have taken to block ads. 

Thursday, January 7

6 Essential Elements of a Great Content

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Everyone wants attention and content is one of the greatest ways to win it. However, not everyone is armed with skills and knowledge on how to create an effective content. If you find that you are not successful in producing content to support your business goals, here are six essential elements to start off.

1. Have a Clear Objective

You will likely lose your focus and experience difficulties in achieving your target traffic and conversion rate when you do not have a clear objective. Stating goals that are realistic and smart is the first step to planning and visualizing the type of content that will represent the best interest of the target audience. Having measurable objectives helps a lot since you will want to track them to check your progress. Timeliness of content publication, the format and the manner it is received by the readers, and the number of responses and views are some of the most common metrics when it comes to setting objectives.

2. Set a Target Audience

Writing a different story line and setting a different tone of voice for every post released may be confusing. Publishing content is not only expressing what you think should be verbalized out there and promote to readers.

Knowing who your audience is specifically will help you cater to a group’s common interest. This will help ensure that you can define your story and create your content around that to satisfy your customer’s needs. Remember that no matter how lengthy your content is or no matter how profound it was written, when it does not speak to the right people, it will just be a total waste.

3. Choose the Right Schedule

As part of your content marketing effort, choosing the right schedule to post your content is a good step to start. While posting regularly is often what’s recommend, the frequency of posting should be considered. Some readers are annoyed to see repeating posts appearing on their e-mails or walls on social media. On the opposing end, other readers may find your site too boring when seeing new posts appearing only once or twice a week.

At the end of the day, it is also valuable if you have a good idea on which day of the month they are most likely to purchase things that they need or want. These things can make your post more attention-grabbing and striking to them, especially when you have call-to-action statements.

4. Know How and Where to Distribute

Writing your content is only half the battle. Promoting your post is another strategy you have to look into to make sure you get your content to your target market or audience. The plan can range from forums, social media, and paid online advertising, to offline strategies like traditional mailings or newsletters.

However, do note as well that distribution strategies can really take a lot of time and budget for the company. This entails collection of social media profiles, email addresses, home addresses, business addresses, contact numbers, and other qualities of your intended market for your content to get to them. You may even consider to convert PDF to EPUB for your content to be read and accessed by more types of users.

5. Measure Your Results

Once you have done everything from content conceptualizing, writing on a drawing board, planning to market and creating the content, the end is still far from near. There are so many steps like promotion to numerous channels and measuring the results either daily, weekly, or monthly.

What can make it great is by analyzing your metrics and knowing the lessons on how you can improve your content according to the responses of readers and the trends of the industry. The key is to never be contented with the results that you gain and instead be persistent and patient to land on the next stage to success.

6. Optimize Your Strategy

Once you have clearer ideas on how your audience reacts and understands your content, optimization of your strategy and plan is also essential to derive great results. Successful marketers all agree that being successful in content strategies is not too easy as it may seem. It is not a one-way process where you write and publish content and pray for good results. Sometimes, your plan will not work out and you have to extend the effort to include optimizing your strategies. Also, it may be a good idea to incorporate suggestions from team members or your customers for your content to improve.


The biggest failure that businesses and marketers make with their content is to disregard the desires and needs of their readers. Take note that a content that answers problems and one that they find both interesting and entertaining is the one that they will move a prospect closer to becoming a customer.

Authors Bio:

YyannaReema Marquez is a student at St. Scholastica’s College in Manila Philippines. She is a writer by passion, and social advocate. She spends her free time watching basketball games and surfing every weekend. Follow her on twitter @itsreemarquez.

Friday, June 26

Can Online Courses Really Help you Get a Job?

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During the last couple of decades, internet played one of the key roles in our lives. We are using internet for basically everything, from socializing to shopping. It was inevitable that it is going to become an essential part of education. The phenomenon of online courses has been out there during the last 10-15 years and its popularity is constantly on the rise. More and more employers are ready to hire someone who has completed an online course. It is certain that the number of people taking online courses is going to rise even more and that internet is going to become an important part of education.

Why to take an online course?

There are many reasons why people decide on taking an online course. First of all, the fact that you do everything from your home makes it much easier to organize your time and concentrate more on the course. In addition to that, it can also save you some money. There is no need to go anywhere, so you can forget about the costs of transportation or babysitting, if you have children. When taking an online course, you can still work around your home besides taking the course. Of course, another benefit of these is that you will have the higher chances of getting a job.

Why do employers choose someone who has completed an online course?

Employers are today looking to hire the staff with the highest qualifications. Any course that you have taken can be an essential part of your prospects of getting the job. Basically any type of course is going to have a big impact on employer’s decision to hire you. The more skills you show, the chances are higher that you will get the position. There are various courses you might consider. Language lessons and writing courses are something you might want to consider. You can also find useful Excel courses, which can increase your chances of getting the job. You will come across many jobs where the skills in Microsoft Excel are essential and can benefit you in getting hired, since this program plays an important role in many jobs today.

How can we be sure?

Since we have mentioned the importance of online courses in today’s world, it could be useful to take a look at some facts considering this phenomenon. Many studies have been done in this field and the results have shown seventy-nine percent of the companies that took part in the survey have hired an applicant who had an online degree. They have mentioned that it is beneficial for them to hire people with as many skills possible. Online courses give you an evidence of possessing a certain skill and that is exactly what employers need. In addition to this, the number of people taking online courses is constantly increasing. A ten percent rise in the number of people taking online courses in the last few years only shows you how many courses there are and how they are constantly gaining popularity.

Since they are taken from your home, online courses are quite flexible and it is a shame to miss out on an opportunity to complete an online course before applying for a job. As you might have seen, the employers are always looking to hire skillful applicants and any online courses can play a big part in them deciding who will be hired. Any applicant with the highest qualifications has a great opportunity of getting the job. So, if you are thinking about applying for a certain job, think about which skills could be useful in that field and check out if there any courses that can help you win over the attention of the employers.

Author: Thomas is an electrical engineer, entrepreneur and occasional writer from Sydney, Australia. He is also an owner of a small business, dealing with electrical installations. He is always willing to share a good life experience and advice. Reach Thomas on Twitter or Facebook.

Thursday, May 21

6 Superlative Emulators for Android Devices

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Today’s generation is all about the Android in the Smartphone and tablet, is it conceivable to remember those noteworthy minutes once more? Is it conceivable to run those amusements on the most prevalent versatile mobile platform known as Android. Don’t have an Android phone yet then buy the latest smartphones with the latest Amazon Coupons.

The progression in innovation is putting forth new and marvelous amusements and contraptions, and it likewise offers a plenty of distinct options for making those more seasoned consoles so that they keep running on the most recent innovation. Well, there is no lack of emulators that can help you to remember your adolescence days with those old recreations. Simply pick a best emulator, unite it with your Android gadget and appreciate playing your most loved game. These are a couple of the prevalent emulator applications. You can download the obliged one from the play store and remember those days of enormous supports and handheld gaming gadgets. If you like playing games you can buy gaming consoles online as well.

So here is a list of the most amazing Android Emulators that you can utilize on your Android mobile:
  • MD.emu:
MD.emu comes complete with Sega CD, the Master framework, and Sega MegaDrive. It copies the Sega console in an extraordinary manner while offering utile controls and an enormous rundown of highlights. It offers the imitating of a four-player multitap, Menacer and Justifier weapon controller, and a considerable measure more. This emulator application is an extraordinary quality for cash. In the event that you are a genuine lover of the retro Sega console, the MD.emu will be an extreme alternative for you. Arrange the application in a couple of straightforward steps and make the most of your games with astonishing controls.
  • GBC emulator:
Download this reasonable emulator application and make the most of your most loved handheld console game. GBC is essentially a Game Boy Color emulator fused with total ROM compatibilities. It offers copious clever highlights to give a stunning gaming background with turbo catches, empower cheats, and so forth. This emulator offers prompt results and is flawless decision for the people who appreciate the GBA period.
  • NES.emu:
This Emulator is considered as one of the best applications. NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator has an awesome similarity and copious highlights that make it remain in front of the group. It consummately copies the comfort rudiments, controller and various equipment alternatives to backing the NES counting Famicom Disk System, Zapper Light Gun and that's just the beginning. Also, while offering multi-touch controls with an easy to understand setup, this emulator encourages memory reinforcement.
  • SuperN64:
This emulator permits one to play the Nintendo 64 gaen by means of an Android gadget. It is an overhauled rendition of the Mupen64. This emulator is truly easy to utilize, simply select and play. When a game ROM is downloaded to your gadget, just get to the SuperN64, select the session of your decision from the accessible alternatives and appreciate playing your most loved game. In any case, the default capacities and settings of the emulator are really cool, yet it can be likewise tuned and balanced according to the player's requirement.
  • Nostalgia.NES Pro:
This NES emulator is an incredible decision. With ROM similarity and supreme strength, it conveys extraordinary execution. The incorporated highlights like rewind capacity and virtual controller customization add to its validity and permits players to play their most loved diversion no sweat.
  • FPse for android:
FPse is a premium PlayStation emulator that offers impressive highlights with full control and different choices to convey a remarkable execution. With noteworthy ROM capacities, this application is greatly valuable and can loan a marvel client experience. Putting some in comprehension the working of this application would be an awesome worth.

Sunday, May 17

5 Views on the Future of On-line Publishing

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We are living in an increasingly paperless world where everything is found online and can be accessed through devices such as our phones, tablets, and laptops. In many ways, this development has made this fine discipline more accessible to people because it saves space and expense in many cases. Writers are also finding a new liberty as self-publishing gets easier—professional services that convert PDF to epub, for instance, can assist authors in producing well-formatted e-books.

Nonetheless, the future of online publishing remains unclear—it often feels like a “wait and see” deal as different experts weigh in on whether this industry goes boom or bust. There are also questions on how online publishing progresses from this point forward. We take a look at five of the views on this future.
  • Fanbase loyalty will bevital. 
With the large inflow of e-books everyday on platforms such as Amazon, achieving worldwide recognition is getting harder. It’s no longer about having a big audience—it’s about being valuable to a small audience who will keep coming back and will help promote products. Thus, publishers should focus on gaining consumers through loyalty. This means providing more free content and more “extras” to sustain interest and gather a strong initial audience. Authors (self-published and otherwise) play their part in gaining this loyalty by establishing relationships with their audience through social media, but publishers can also contribute by determining what each customer likes and presenting personalized advertisements for each visitor.

The constant focus on online social activity means that reading is no longer a solitary journey. The opportunity for discussion and for like-minded readers to come together is so important these days, no online reading platform does not offer either a forum or a comments section. Sustaining such interactions can maintain the boom of the industry.
  • Books will get shorter and flashier. 
The attention span of a typical person living in today’s world is getting shorter and shorter because there are so many options available for almost everything. Thus, novellas and short stories will make a strong comeback in the e-book scene to help satisfy the desire for “quick reads.” These works are easy to download and can usually be read in a single sitting to keep a reader engaged without losing his/her attention to another device or pursuit.

In line with catching the attention of customers, the gap between storytelling and interactivity narrows as more e-books are “enhanced” with features such as audio, video, and graphics. Enhanced e-books are usually suitable for children’s stories and “how-to” books, but some fiction writers have used these features to great effect as well—for instance, Stephen King for the novel 11/22/63.
  • More publishers will adopt the “hybrid” self-publishing model.
With the rise of self-publishing comes the unfortunate release of many poorly written and poorly presented works. On the flip side, there are well-written and well-made books that never see the light of day as they get buried in a mountain of the bad stuff. As its moniker suggests, the hybrid model mixes the creative freedom of self-publishing with the technical assistance typically provided by publishing houses. After completing a manuscript, authors pay publishers for services such as editing and developing a marketing plan. Thus, traditional publishers don’t necessarily have to separate themselves from self-publishers—the relationship becomes a win-win collaboration in which both parties can maximize their skills without compromising either one.
  • The value of accessibility vs. the value of ownership will determine how works get published. 
In the days of print books (which remain alive and have simply developed a niche audience), to own a copy of a book was to exclusively own the information within. But nowadays, information is everywhere—which is why many readers usually have to “hide” from the Internet to avoid spoilers. Thus, the new consideration may be a book’s accessibility to the potential audience. Thus, new entrants into the industry may choose to emphasize building a presence rather than sales in the form of free, widely available content through online literary publications and instant publishing tools.
  • The transition from “page” to “stream” will introduce works that are never considered complete.
In an age wherein information is continuously updated, many websites have streams of information rather than pages. This trend may just spill over to the publishing industry to generate booksare never regarded as completely “done,” but to which new information can always be added. 

Technology is constantly upgrading, and there’s always something new to look forward too. Thus, the future is always unpredictable. But one thing we think we can be sure of is that the online publishing industry will certainly find a way to keep up.

Authors Bio: YyannaReema Marquez is a student at St. Scholastica’s College in Manila Philippines. She is a writer by passion, web enthusiast and social advocate. She spends her free time watching basketball games and surfing every weekend. Follow her on twitter @itsreemarquez.

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